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20th of November 2018


General Trivia Quiz: Answers and Winners!

Nice work, everyone! Did you have fun? We did! In fact, we had so much fun, we completely forgot our primary colors. (Oops.) Not to worry, we threw that question out when tallying the results so your answer won’t affect your score.

Here are the stats, answers, and winners.  STATS

1.626 people took the quiz. 371 people scored 100%! The questions most people (about 97%) got right were…#3 and #21! The question most people missed (only 62% got it right) was…#14.


Q.3Vienna is a city in which country? • Germany • Belgium✓ Austria • Luxembourg   Q.4What is the official length of a marathon? • 21 miles✓ 26.2 miles • 22 miles • 49.1 miles   Q.5True or False: The acronym NASCAR stands for National Association for Speed Car Auto Racing. • True✓ False   Q.6Harrison Ford played all these movie characters EXCEPT:✓ President Andrew Shepherd • Han Solo • Indiana Jones • Jack Ryan   Q.7Traditionally, what gives souffles their characteristic lift? • baking powder✓ egg whites • baking soda • yeast   Q.8True or False: A mocktail is an alcoholic drink with a satirical or funny name. • True✓ False   Q.9Which color below CANNOT be produced by combining only two primary colors? • purple✓ black • green   Q.10The acronym IQ stands for Intelligence _______ . • Quality • Questions • Quantity✓ Quotient   Q.11How long is a fortnight? • 7 days✓ 14 days • weekend • 1 day   Q.12Chukka, Chelsea and Wellington are all types of _______ .✓ boots • purses • pants • shirts   Q.13Which of the following is NOT the name of a constellation? • Orion✓ Zeus • Sagittarius • Cassiopeia   Q.14If you have 20/10 vision, your eyesight is: • not the best, but not that bad either • just about average✓ better than average • slightly unbalanced   Q.15The movie Casablanca was set in _______ .✓ Morocco • Monte Carlo • Algeria • Spain   Q.16The Hoover Dam was constructed to provide water from what river source? • Mississippi River • Ohio River • Missouri River✓ Colorado River   Q.17Nemo from the movie Finding Nemo is a _______ . • goldfish✓ clownfish • angelfish • puffer fish   Q.18True or False: An ebullient person is exuberant.✓ True • False   Q.19The terms aubergine, brinjal, and melanzane all refer to this. • pepper • apple✓ eggplant • cucumber   Q.20Who lived in 221B Baker Street?✓ Sherlock Holmes • Jack the Ripper • Hercule Poirot • Charlie Chaplin   Q.21Before becoming President, Ronald Reagan was _______ of California. • Senator✓ Governor • Congressman • State Controller   Q.22Who created James Bond? • John Grisham • Ray Bradbury✓ Ian Fleming • PG Wodehouse   Q.23Where can you find the Cook Islands? • Caribbean Sea • Mediterranean Sea • Australia✓ South Pacific Ocean   Q.24Which of the following titles was NOT written by Jane Austen? • Pride and Prejudice • Sense and Sensibility✓ Jane Eyre • Emma   Q.25Taro is a type of _______ .✓ root vegetable • tree • animal • precious stone   Q.26What do cartographers do? • write calligraphy✓ draw maps • manufacture paper • transport items   Q.27What color is cerulean? • red • yellow • taupe✓ blue


The first place winner is…Laura Fue…! The second place winner is…Brady All…! The third place winner is…Virginia Bri…!

Congratulations, winners! Contact to claim your prizes!


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