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18th of November 2018


Big Bad Acronym Quiz: Answers and Winners!

Great job on the quiz, everyone! Most of you scored about 90% or higher. You guys sure know your acronyms and initialisms. WTG!

Here are the stats, answers, and winners.  STATS

2,288 people took the quiz. 603 people scored 100%! The question EVERYONE got right was…#13! The question most people missed (only 63% got it right) was…#27.


Q.3In the military, AWOL stands for Absent Without _______ . • Limit • License✓ Leave • Location   Q.4True or False: The word “laser” is an acronym.✓ True • False   Q.5When replying to an invitation, the term RSVP is based on words in what language? • English✓ French • Spanish • Latin   Q.6The acronym YOLO is a reminder that You Only _______ Once. • Like • Love • Lie✓ Live   Q.7GPS technology for navigation stands for _______ Positioning System. • Geographical✓ Global • General • Guidance   Q.8What does MRI stand for? • Magnetic Radiation Imaging • Medical Radiological Instrument✓ Magnetic Resonance Imaging • Mechanical Refraction Imagery   Q.9The acronym UNICEF makes reference to what group of people?✓ Children • Immigrants • Educators • Nurses   Q.10FBI stands for Federal Bureau of _______ . • Intelligence✓ Investigation • Information • Intercommunication   Q.11In banking, ATM stands for: • Application for Transfer of Money✓ Automated Teller Machine • Artificial Trading Machine • Account Transit Method   Q.12R&B music stands for: • Rock & Bass • Reggae & Beats • Romance & Ballads✓ Rhythm & Blues   Q.13If someone you’re talking to exclaims, “TMI!” then you’ve just shared:✓ Too Much Information • Tidbits of Mutual Interest • Too Many Inquiries • Totally Mad Ideas   Q.14BMI, a measure of health, stands for _______ Index. • Biomedical✓ Body Mass • Behavioral and Mental • Body Monitoring   Q.15If you are riding an ATV, you are using this kind of vehicle: • Armored Transport • Automatic Transmission✓ All-Terrain • Advanced Traction   Q.16The acronym REM, when referring to sleep, stands for: • Range of Extended Motion✓ Rapid Eye Movement • Retention of Emotion and Memory • Random Eye Motion   Q.17Currently, the SAT, typically required to enter college in the United States, stands for:✓ Scholastic Assessment Test • Science and Technology • Standardized Aptitude Training • School Acceptance Test   Q.18Where would you find a NICU?✓ hospital • public park • airport • police station   Q.19When you suffer from FOMO, you have a Fear of _______ . • Missing Office • Moving Out✓ Missing Out • Mistakes and Omissions   Q.20In technology, the acronym RAM stands for: • Read Access Memory✓ Random Access Memory • Router Access Module • Random Application Mode   Q.21What does NASA stand for? • National Air and Space Agency • National Association of Space Astronauts • National Astronomical Study Administration✓ National Aeronautics and Space Administration   Q.22UPS, the company that uses those ubiquitous brown delivery trucks, stands for: • Universal Postal Service✓ United Parcel Service • Uniformed Packaging Service • Ultra Prompt Shipping   Q.23ESPN stands for __________ Sports Programming Network. • Extreme • Extended✓ Entertainment (and) • Electronic   Q.24When indicating nutritional guidance, RDA stands for Recommended _______ . • Dosage Amount✓ Daily Allowance • Dietary Agent • Diagnostic Amount   Q.25If we are discussing RBIs, ERAs, HRs and DHs, we are likely talking about:✓ baseball • football • medical tests • golf   Q.26What does CIA stand for? • Criminal Investigation Agency • Chief Investigative Authority • Covert Intelligence Administration✓ Central Intelligence Agency   Q.27True or False: The “MS” in MSNBC stands for Microsoft.✓ True • False   Q.28While we’re at it, the “NBC” in MSNBC stands for: • New Broadcast Channel✓ National Broadcasting Company • National Baseball Channel • News Broadcasting and Communications   Q.29When indicating time, what does PM stand for?✓ Post Meridiem • Past Morning • Period of Measurement • Present Moment   Q.30When translated into English, the luxury automobile company BMW stands for _______ Motor Works. • Bulgarian • Belgian • Berlin✓ Bavarian


The first place winner is…Dave Edw…! The second place winner is…Theresa Ber…! The third place winner is…Ryan Woo…!

Congratulations, winners! Contact to claim your prizes!


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