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16th of November 2018


Brian Stelter WHINED Trump didn’t talk to press enough – NOW he WHINES about the opposite!

Liars really depend on their audience to have a very short memory. That’s why Brian Stelter doesn’t really care that he looks like a complete tool when lies – the CNN audience hates Trump so much it doesn’t matter.

Check out this hypocritical BS from CNN’s media critic:

35 days since Trump's election, still no press conference. Here's how that stacks up with past presidents-elect...

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) December 13, 2016

There he is whining that Trump wasn’t having enough pressers with the mainstream media.

Now here he is today, whining that Trump is talking too much!!

CNN's @brianstelter: The President has been chatty lately, holding pressers and interviews on Air Force One. The result? More pollution in and on the air. The downside of this access is that Trump says so much that's untrue, it sows confusion and division.

— CNN (@CNN) October 14, 2018

POLLUTION!! Confusion!! Division!! LOL!

All Trump All The Time: Here's a list of the week's interviews, gaggles, etc. It's long but still incomplete — I forgot a couple — like @OliviaNuzzi's private press conference!

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) October 14, 2018

IN fact, he talked about how Trump didn’t have a press conference for a while A LOT in 2016:

145 days since Donald Trump last held a press conference, @BrianStelter notes in tonight's #ReliableSources newsletter.

— Geoffrey Sorensen (@GSorensen) December 20, 2016

Meanwhile it's been 178 days since Trump's last presser. h/t @brianstelter for the day count

— Jack Cooke (@JackCookeInNY) December 23, 2016

Ridiculous. So Trump is criticized when he doesn’t talk to the press, AND criticized when he talks too much. I’m fine with rational critiques of Trump but Stelter shows that he’s willing to whine about Trump no matter what he does, even if it’s contradictory and shows his foolishness.

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