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16th of November 2018


Marco Rubio says Congress WILL ACT against Saudis if Trump DOESN’T on missing journalist…

Liddle Marco is taking the lead to sound the alarm about the alleged murder of a journalist in Turkey by the Saudi regime.

Watch below:

[embedded content]

Although Rubio is taking a hardline here, there’s a really big “if” involved – Congress will act in a bipartisan matter, “very strongly” against the Saudis IF it can be proven that they killed Jamal Khashoggi AND that they dismembered him AND that they hid his body. If they did it, and were careful at all about it, there will not be enough evidence to prove it. Then what will Congress do?

It is very difficult to draw concrete conclusions about this story. It is certainly not beyond the Saudis to assassinate a journalist they don’t like. But it’s also not beyond Erdogan to LIE about it in order to advance his own political interests. I’d be cautious about any absolute conclusions based on incomplete evidence at this point.

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