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14th of November 2018


Democrats' Momentum Founders on Hypocrisy and Corruption

Will there be a “blue wave” this fall? Will the Democrats win the national Impeachment Referendum on November 6? That’s what this year’s mid-term Congressional elections have become. For that you can thank the Democrats. Starting on election night 2016, they and their allies in Big Media, the Deep State, and Big Silicon decided to nullify a presidential election. By any means necessary.

You see, the “fundamental transformation” which Barack Obama promised to work on America was supposed to be irreversible. While it couldn’t quite make him “president for life,” the left decided that his term in office should really last forever — even if it was carried on by Hillary Clinton. The U.S. in 2008 was a post-colonial country. So it must follow their pattern: one man, one vote, one time. Any other result in 2016 was morally illegitimate, like the British returning to a colony and reimposing their rule.

That’s why you saw calls for a military coup to prevent Trump’s inauguration. And repeated, gruesome fantasies of the president’s assassination. It’s why we hear talk of a “Resistance,” as if our country were under foreign occupation.

The Resistance Loses Its Mind

And for Democrats it is. The grunts from alien “flyover country” have seized control, and that cannot be tolerated. We must abolish the Electoral College. Rip senators from “red states.” Abolish or pack the Supreme Court, if the left can’t keep it firmly under its thumb imposing its laws on 50 states by decree. If fake rape allegations can’t keep a center-right justice off the court, then it’s time for a national tantrum.

“No fair! You cheated! I want a do-over!”

It’s as if since November 2016, we’ve had blasted into our ears by loudspeakers at every street corner, the peevish, petulant cry of a bratty six-year-old who struck out in Little League: “No fair! You cheated! I want a do-over!”

Well, the do-over’s upon us, in three short weeks. And it might not go well for the Democrats, as polls increasingly show.

Losing in Florida

A bellwether race suggests that the “blue wave” might hit a red wall, then drizzle down into the sewers. The Miami-area 27th Congressional District was supposed to be a gimme for the Democrats. As Politico reports, Trump lost the district “to Hillary Clinton by nearly 20 percentage points in 2016.” But Trump isn’t running this year. Republican candidate, Latina TV host Maria Elvira Salazar, has pulled out ahead of the Democratic nominee Donna Shalala by two points, even as other local GOP candidates struggle.

Shalala is a fixture of the Clinton political empire, with the full backing of its machine. She is the former head of the cash-grabbing Clinton Foundation. She served Bill as his Secretary of Health and Human Services — and doubtless played a large role in Hillary’s failed attempt to impose socialized medicine. Maybe voters stung by the failures of Obamacare remember that.

Perhaps in the wake of the orchestrated attack on Brett Kavanaugh, they remember something darker. Donna Shalala was one of the Cabinet members who stood behind Bill Clinton in the White House driveway in 1998 while he called Monica Lewinsky a liar.

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She stuck by Clinton again when the documented, credible charge that he’d raped Juanita Broaddrick surfaced. Shalala wasn’t ready to “believe rape survivors” then. Ironic, once it suited her, Shalala became a loud voice demanding the defeat of Brett Kavanaugh:

History will judge the men who cast their votes for #Kavanaugh‘s confirmation. This vote reinforces the simple, tragic fact that this administration and the Republican Party don’t believe women and ignore the issues that affect our lives.

— Donna E. Shalala (@DonnaShalala) September 28, 2018

The Clinton Stain

The Democrats count on leveraging Trump’s personal, stylistic negatives to take the Congress, impeach him, and obstruct all government business for the last two years of his term. But Shalala’s case shows one of the key problems with that: They won’t (and can’t) cut loose from the filth and corruption of the Clinton era. For every “fresh,” young, clueless face like the gaffe-prone Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, there are two Democratic candidates still caked with Clinton-era muck.

The Democrats can’t cut loose from the filth and corruption of the Clinton era. For every “fresh,” young clueless face like the gaffe-prone Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, there are two Democratic candidates still caked with Clinton-era muck.

Meanwhile, the economy is humming. ISIS is almost obliterated. North Korea is taking America’s threats seriously, and the Chinese are reeling as Trump rebukes their cheating on trade deals and theft of U.S. technology. All the Democrats have to offer is rampaging Antifa thugs seizing the streets of cities like Portland.

None of the “Russian collusion” charges have stuck. Mueller’s investigation is running on fumes, and the public has forgotten it. Meanwhile, Shalala used to run the Clintons’ foundation that took $145 million from the Chairman of Uranium One, even as Hillary’s State Department let the Russian government take control of the company (and one-fifth of U.S. uranium reserves). Bill Clinton got $500,000 for making a single speech in Russia.

So Shalala can’t speak credibly against either Vladimir Putin, or men plausibly accused of rape. She has spent too much time serving both. That’s not the kind of candidate that generates a “wave.” Except, perhaps, of nausea.

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