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21st of November 2018


Bio-Inspired Water-Repellent Micro-Cavities

Bio-Inspired Water-Repellent Micro-CavitiesSep-08-18 A bio-inspired water-repellent technique eschews coatings in favor of tiny etchings in the surface.

While typical methods of creating hydrophobic surfaces involve coating the material or object, the team from KAUST created a more permanent method inspired by the microtexture of the skin of the springtail insect. The team etched a pattern of microscopic cavities onto a smooth silica surface, creating an array of doubly reentrant (DRC) shapes that trap air under the liquid, reducing friction and drag so the liquid moves over it smoothly.

Bio-Inspired Water-Repellent Micro-CavitiesMore Info about this Invention: [NATURE.COM][DISCOVERY.KAUST.EDU.SA]

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