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21st of November 2018


H2 Snow Melts Snow for Drinking Water with a Twist

H2 Snow Melts Snow for Drinking Water with a TwistSep-09-18 The H2 Snow invention is the first survival tool able to melt snow for drinking water using human power.

The H2 Snow was created by Tim Lutton of RMIT after being inspired by a friend who was trapped in the snow without water two days. Instead of relying on gas, electricity or the sun to melt the snow, the H2 Snow consists of a one-liter drink bottle with a removable scoop/handle combination and an internal copper tube containing silicone fins. After the snow has been placed in the bottle, the scoop/handle is used to rotate the fins, creating enough heat from friction to melt 200g of snow with twenty minutes of operation.

The H2 Snow recently received a James Dyson Award.[embedded content]

More Info about this Invention: [COM.AU][JAMESDYSONAWARD.ORG]

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