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14th of December 2018


Lincoln Navigator: 2019 Motor Trend SUV of the Year Finalist - Motor Trend

WE LIKE Phenomenal interior, excellent powertrain, confident demeanor

WE DON'T LIKE Suspension tuning needs polish

"With the new Navigator, it feels like Lincoln's glory days of the '50s and '60s are back," Christian Seabaugh said. "This Navigator is a refreshing take on what luxury could and should be. It leaves the sport-luxury stuff to the Europeans and instead focuses on a confident, easygoing, cool luxury. The Navigator is simultaneously understated yet elegant, retro yet modern, comfortable yet capable. It's the best American luxury car of the last 30 years, full stop."

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There was no dissent in the ranks. "You will never mistake a Lincoln Navigator for anything from Europe, Japan, or Korea," Stefan Ogbac said. "The interior is its defining aspect, especially in the Black Label trim, which really gives it a sense of panache and sophistication without copying anyone."

"Every time I think there's going to be some obstacle or condition that will show the weakness of this vehicle, it surmounts it with ease," Rechtin marveled.

MotorTrend has never been shy about calling out suboptimal Lincolns. But the Navigator shut down our criticisms. Almost.

Judges expressed disappointment in the ride quality. The Navigator soaked up large bumps and potholes admirably, but cracked, broken pavement had a tendency to send shivers up the chassis, unbecoming of such a luxurious vehicle. The rear end suffered from a secondary body movement, an odd wavelike movement in the chassis following an otherwise flawless handling of a large impact. An air suspension was suggested to remedy these blemishes.

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