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18th of November 2018


The Benefits of a Name Tag

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Name tags and labels are simple to create and can have a number of benefits. They’re a great way to improve organization in a store or restaurant among your customers and staff, and they can help increase productivity and efficiency.

Identify Staff

With the help of Trodat Canada, you can get great name badges so customers are able to identify the person who is servicing them. Complaints and appreciation can be given to the correct staff member. Nothing is more disappointing than to hear a customer complain about receiving terrible service from one of your employees. Without name tags, your customer will be unable to point out the worker that provided the disappointing service.

Customers who can see the name of the worker, with the assistance of a name tag, can offer considerably more helpful feedback than if they don’t know the identity of the person who provided service to them. That information enables both the customers and you to determine issues quickly and resolve them successfully. With the help of name tags, you’ll be able to applaud or correct the behavior of a specific staff member when necessary.

The parts of your employees uniform can assist with branding. When all waiters, waitresses, or staff members, wear name tags, those tags become a piece of the brand that characterizes how your servers and other staff represent the brand visually. Include the name of your store or restaurant to make the name tags an even more powerful brand element.

In addition to helping to brand your establishment and praise or critique your staff, a name tag can help to advertise your business. Employees sometimes wear their uniforms out before they make it to work, or after the end for their shifts. In such situations, the staff can act as walking billboards for your store or restaurant.

Helps Keep the Establishment Safe and Secure

An employee’s name tag can help increase the safety of your establishment. With the help of a name tag, you can easily identify your workers and staff members. This means if someone tries to sneak in the kitchen area or another area that is designated to employees only, then he or she can be easily identified. For example, this is important because outsiders in the kitchen area can tamper with customers’ food. In addition to tainting the food in a restaurant, an unauthorized individual can sneak into the office of your establishment and obtain private information about your business or your employees.

Increased Communication

Studies have revealed that communication can be increased between coworkers they know each other’s names. This could be very valuable in the event that you have a huge establishment with a large number of employees. The name tags can help employees remember the names of their co-workers in the event they are new hires or they are collaborating with other co-workers. Keep in mind, better communication usually turns into better execution.

Door Tags

Name tags are not only beneficial when they’re worn but when they’re on doors, too. If you have your own office in your establishment, then you should definitely place your name on the door. Your name on the door of your office can help decrease confusion. Workers will know where you’re located in the event that they have a question or concern. No more opening the doors to the supply closet or bathroom. With the assistance of a door tag, your employees will know exactly where to go.

A door label with your name on it can help you look more professional. A simple name tag on your door can show people that you’re in charge of the establishment. There will be no question of who the owner or manager of the establishment is. In the event that you have applicants coming in for job interviews, they’ll be able to identify immediately the person that will be conducting the interview thanks to the label on your door.

Office doors are not the only doors that can benefit from labels. For example, labels on restroom doors can help ensure your customers’ privacy.

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