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About Us

About Us
WorldProNews (WPN) this is the biggest WorldWide News service. 
There is collected all WorldWide biggest and most famous News Portals by countries 
on those countries languages.

World Professional News was founded in 2010 by a group of partners. The News site is an online portal. The Newspaper is one of the few in the world that is considered independent of any external control. After the creation of the news site, it has undergone some stages of development up to the stage it is seen at present. In 2015 it was seen as one of the leading news site viewed by many in United States, and also other countries of the world because of the versatility in News updates and languages.

World Professional News is a holding websites of a group of partners. Its operating division includes news distribution, subscription, advertising, sponsorship, fashion, technology, Music, sports etc. In 2015 the News Portal became a five year company and launched a new world wide version for all the countries and by their language. This is aimed at promoting access to world news in any part of the world and from different language background. Now their users can find more than 150 countries and all US States daily news. Enabling them to access a wide array of different top stories, covered in different styles from top news agencies.

So-"If you ain't here, you ain't nowhere."

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Disclaimer and Notice:WorldProNews.com is not responsible of these news or any information published on this website.