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US Asphalt Company pleads guilty to paying bribes 2020-09-23 04:44:00 A major U.S. asphalt company agreed to pay US$16.6 million in fines while pleading guilty Tuesday to federal charges that it

Latin American countries plan to join WHO's virus 2020-09-22 04:51:00 Brazil and Argentina, Latin American nations seeking more time to commit to the global COVID-19 vaccine facility known as COV

Mexican court unfreezes bank account of company blacklisted 2020-09-22 04:31:00 Mexican court has unfrozen the bank accounts of a local company blacklisted by the United States for trading in oil with Vene

Mexico confirms 700,000 coronavirus cases, but admits true 2020-09-22 04:27:00 Mexico’s confirmed coronavirus caseload rose past 700,000 on Monday, according to updated data from the health ministry

Latin America resuming normal social and public life 2020-09-18 05:40:00 Latin America has started to resume normal social and public life at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic still requires major c

The attraction of oil: first ever US Secretary 2020-09-18 05:36:00 Mike Pompeo on Thursday became the first US secretary of state to visit Guyana and Suriname as the discovery of oil fuels a s

US curbs steel imports from Brazil and Mexico, 2020-09-17 04:57:00 President Donald Trump’s administration took new steps to curb steel imports from Brazil and Mexico, boosting protectio

New IDB president pledges to help Argentina with 2020-09-16 03:56:00 Mauricio Claver-Carone, the White House official elected to lead Latin America’s regional development bank, said he aim

Ecological disaster: fires destroying Brazil's wetlands suffering the 2020-09-15 05:19:00 Fires are raging in the wetlands of west-central Brazil, leaving behind a vast swath of charred ruins in a paradise of biodiv

Mexican leader proposes referendum whether to prosecute his 2020-09-15 04:30:00 Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday that he was ready to request a referendum on whether to prosecut

Mayor of Bogota calls for reconciliation following nights 2020-09-14 07:55:00 The mayor of Bogota begged forgiveness on Sunday and called for reconciliation after protests in Colombia's capital the past

Removal of Peruvian president depends on his greatest 2020-09-14 07:50:00 The Peruvian opposition leader Keiko Fujimori, the greatest adversary of President Martín Vizcarra, rejected this Sund

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Peru Congress opens way for impeachment of president 2020-09-11 22:33:47The president is accused of trying to obstruct a corruption probe - a charge he denies.

Spain sentences El Salvador ex-colonel to 133 years 2020-09-11 17:22:49Inocente Orlando Montano is sentenced to 133 years in prison for the 1989 murders in El Salvador.

Amazon: Brazilian official killed by arrow near indigenous 2020-09-11 04:06:12Rieli Franciscato, who worked to protect tribes, was hit in the chest near an indigenous site in Brazil.

Colombia protests: Death of man tasered by police 2020-09-10 11:49:14Javier Ordóñez died after being tasered by police officers while he was pleading for them to stop.

Family speaks out after Paraguay ex-VP Denis goes 2020-09-10 10:34:09Police believe rebels kidnapped Óscar Denis, 74, from his ranch in the north of the country.

Amazon: In the cross-hairs of coronavirus and forest 2020-09-08 20:05:33People living in the Brazilian Amazon are facing the twin dangers of the coronavirus and forest fires.

Vera Rubin: Super telescope's giant camera spies broccoli 2020-09-08 13:13:25The camera detector for the Vera Rubin Observatory takes its first test images in the laboratory.

Bolivia's ex-leader Evo Morales barred from senate run 2020-09-08 09:02:26A judge upholds a decision against ex-President Evo Morales, which makes him unable to run for senate.

Everton sign James Rodriguez: Can Carlo Ancelotti bring 2020-09-07 15:03:01World Cup top scorer and serial trophy winner but a Real Madrid "nearly man" - BBC Sport analyses Everton's new signing James Rodriguez.

UN calls for inquiry after girls killed in 2020-09-07 09:02:37Two 11-year-old girls were shot dead in a raid by the Paraguayan security forces on a rebel camp.

Ecuadorean hummingbird emits high-pitched song from mountains 2020-09-02 11:43:57The species native to Ecuador is unique for emitting the highest sound recorded in birds.

Coronavirus: Tango competitors take to the living room 2020-08-31 16:48:07The Buenos Aires World Tango Championship took place online because of the pandemic.

South America

UN accuses Venezuela's president and top ministers of 2020-09-16 17:54:43A United Nations report has found evidence state officials, including President Nicolas Maduro, were involved in extrajudicial killings and the system

More than 60 LGBTIQ+ people have been killed 2020-09-16 02:28:00More than 60 members of Colombia's LGBTIQ+ community have been killed this year, as a growing spate of violence sweeps the country.

'Tired of police abuse': Apology fails to stop 2020-09-12 03:46:00For many Colombians, the death of Javier Ordonez in custody evoked the killing in the United States of African-American man George Floyd

Brazilian expert on isolated Amazon tribes killed by 2020-09-10 16:17:04An official of Brazil's Indigenous affairs agency has died after being struck by an arrow from an Indigenous group, reportedly as he was approaching

Is Melbourne's coronavirus lockdown really the longest in 2020-09-08 01:22:55Melbourne's lockdown ranks among the toughest in the world. Here's how other regions have handled the deadly outbreak in comparison.

'No sign of life' in desperate search for 2020-09-05 20:12:02Rescue workers say there is no hope of finding a survivor from Beirut's August blast after spending days digging through rubble.

An Australian woman stranded in Chile without a 2020-09-02 00:28:29A Sydney woman stuck in Chile with an expired visa is now working for room and board, fearing there is no way to come home.

‘Fixing the damage we’ve done’: rewilding jaguars in 2020-09-01 20:23:23Bringing back the top predator to Argentina's wetlands could restore the health of an entire ecosystem. But inducing five felines with troubled pasts

Claims of 'coronavirus death squads' as Colombia is 2020-09-01 20:05:04Experts say the "horrific" spate of violence is no longer shocking as the Latin American country, hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, continues to

Rampant Amazon fires are poisoning the air. Brazil's 2020-08-27 00:40:09A new study has found more than 2,000 people suffered respiratory distress after inhaling the smoke-polluted air belched out by fires in the Amazon.

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