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YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG Review - Nostalgic Clunkfest New! 2019-01-17 05:10:54YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG is a charming and earnest take on 90's nostalgia and throwback JRPG gameplay. It's fun, but hardly groundbreaking.

Review: Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes | New! 2019-01-17 05:09:12Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "But then at the Nintendo Switch reveal event back in January 2017 the announcement was made that we were in fact ret

Horizon Chase Turbo Review (Xbox One) - XboxAddict New! 2019-01-17 05:04:46XBA says: Paying homage to classics like Top Gear, this scratches an itch we didn't know needed scratching.

Metro Exodus Is A Giant Leap Forward For New! 2019-01-17 05:03:17From PlayStation Universe: "4A Games have always had something special with the Metro franchise. A claustrophobic, self-contained, and compelling sho

Troy Baker Teases Death Stranding Potential Release Date New! 2019-01-17 05:03:06A curious tweet of the actor and voice actor Troy Baker seems to suggest the possible launch of Death Stranding for 2019.

Dick Wilde 2 is coming to PS4 and New! 2019-01-17 04:57:44Bolvërk Games and PlayStack's action VR game "Dick Wilde 2" will launch on PSVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive worldwide in February 2019.

The 18+ online gaming platform Nutaku has just New! 2019-01-17 04:57:19The 18+ online gaming platform Nutaku has just launched their new and pimped official merch store. Other that, new games will soon be announced on Nut

Dead or Alive 6 Preview - WorthPlaying New! 2019-01-17 04:51:32Dead Or Alive 6 is the next installment in the long-running fighting franchise.

Power Rangers Battle For The Grid Leaked For New! 2019-01-17 02:14:45Its been a while since weve had a good Power Rangers game (god, I miss he Super Nintendo beat-em up). Whilst Im not sure if this will be any good, a n

Metro Exodus Preview - Hands-On Metro Exodus Gameplay New! 2019-01-16 23:38:42Robert N. Adams of TechRaptor writes, "We got to check out some Metro Exodus gameplay when we got the opportunity to go hands-on with a Metro Exodus

Fallout 76: Geforce 2070 Vs Geforce 1060 Videos 2019-01-16 18:54:01Skewed and Reviewed have posted some videos showing a look at Fallout 76 being played under a new Geforce 2070 Card and the Geforce 1060 Founders Edit

EA And Star Wars Partnership Has Been Bad 2019-01-16 18:20:47PlayStation Universe looks back over the partnership between EA and the Star Wars franchise.


Was 2018 the Peak of Battle Royale PVP 2019-01-09 14:36:282018 was the year of H1Z1, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s ‘Blackout’ mode, and the ever so popular

Corsair unveils new PC workstations during CES 2019 2019-01-09 00:26:36CORSAIR was excited to announce the launch of a new range of all-in-one PCs during CES 2019. This lineup is lead by the CORSAIR ONE PRO i180, which is

Playstation VR is a Must-Own Platform for 2019 2019-01-08 15:42:35Futures Made Of Virtual Insanity. The post Playstation VR is a Must-Own Platform for 2019 appeared first on GotGame.

Gaming With Killatia Coffee Crisis Review 2019-01-05 05:45:29  From the makers of Log Jammers comes a retro inspired Beat’em up game Coffee Crisis. Is this game from Mega Cat Studio as good as a cup o

Review | The Last Remnant Remastered (PS4) 2018-12-31 17:04:34The Last Remnant Remastered has arrived on PlayStation 4, allowing fans of the original and those who were interested but have not yet played it (such

Top 10 New Year’s GAMING Resolutions w/ Lady 2018-12-30 09:56:15Hard4Games & Lady Pelvic of Pelvic Gaming discuss their Top 10 gaming resolutions for the new year! Check out Pelvic Gaming: https://www.youtube.c

Review | Katamari Damacy REROLL 2018-12-27 12:00:57Bandai Namco’s Katamari Damacy was a sleeper hit back in 2004. Its simplistic visuals accompanied by some acid-trip inspired flair was definitel

10 Games For Your New PlayStation VR Headset 2018-12-26 22:04:17During the holiday season, game consoles and software are typically among the top sellers for gifts. Sony may not have discounted their PlayStation 4

Review | Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight 2018-12-25 15:08:51Atlus and developer P-Studio released quite the hit last year with Persona 5. Being the most successful Persona game yet, it was only natural that the

Review | Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden 2018-12-24 15:34:08Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden aims to bring players into an interesting journey alongside an anthropomorphic duck named Dux and boar, known as B

Lucienne’s Quest ( 3DO/SEGA Saturn ) – H4G 2018-12-23 08:45:19Lucienne’s Quest (3DO) and Sword & Sorcery for the SEGA Saturn! Developed by Micro Cabin, the 3DO version is one of the rarest games (and on

Review | Astro A40 TR X-Edition Gaming Headset 2018-12-21 12:00:00Astro Gaming has done well to make a name for themselves in the last ten years. With a solid set of headsets in their lineup, they wanted to commemora

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MasterCard won't let companies automatically bill you after 2019-01-16 18:07:00We've all made the mistake of starting a free trial and forgetting to cancel it before the billing period kicks in. Now, MasterCard will protect agai

US bills would ban exports to Chinese telecoms 2019-01-16 17:36:00American politicians want to crack down further on Chinese telecoms like Huawei and ZTE. Members of both the House of Representatives and the Senate

Microsoft splits Cortana from search in Windows 10 2019-01-16 17:15:00Microsoft is splitting up search and voice assistant Cortana in Windows 10, giving each their own spot on the taskbar in the latest build for Windows

GoPro improves Fusion VR camera resolution via software 2019-01-16 16:44:00It's not often a camera gets a resolution upgrade purely through software, but GoPro appears to have managed just that. The company has released bet

Netflix announces ‘Space Force’ comedy series starring Steve 2019-01-16 16:13:00If you've missed The Office and Steve Carell's Michael Scott, Netflix's latest series announcement may be a bit of welcome news. In a video, which

US reportedly investigates Huawei for allegedly stealing trade 2019-01-16 15:52:00Huawei and the US government have been at odds for months now, and it looks like things are about to get far more severe. The Wall Street Journal repo

Marco Rubio proposes a totally uninspiring data privacy 2019-01-16 15:31:00Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) announced Wednesday a new privacy bill aimed at protecting personal data of American consumers from being sucked up indiscr

Netflix is still a bargain, even after the 2019-01-16 15:00:00On Tuesday morning, Netflix reported that it will be raising prices for all of its customers in what is widely regarded as the biggest price hike in t

Tinder test lets you share Spotify clips with 2019-01-16 14:41:00Tinder is experimenting with allowing daters to share music via Spotify right inside their conversations. The feature, first spotted by the blog MSPow

Iridium's 'truly global' satellite internet connects aircraft and 2019-01-16 14:19:00Wondering what Iridium would be doing with those Next satellites that SpaceX just finished launching? You now have an idea. Iridium has formally debut

Stop & Shop is bringing autonomous food stands 2019-01-16 13:58:00Forget self-driving grocery delivery cars -- Stop & Shop wants robotic vehicles to bring a chunk of the store to your door. It's launching a

A 'Fortnite' security flaw could have exposed players' 2019-01-16 13:32:00Fortnite fans who are able to log in and play without any issues (other than being eliminated before so much as building a ramp) might thank their luc

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20 Best Games for Laptops and Low-End PCs 2019-01-09 16:18:46Just because you've got an older or low-end PC doesn't mean you can't enjoy gaming. There are thousands of back titles in the PC catalog. Here are

AMD Announces Radeon VII: 7nm Vega Coming to 2019-01-09 13:49:08AMD has announced its new Radeon VII -- a 7nm Vega GPU intended for the consumer market. The post AMD Announces Radeon VII: 7nm Vega Coming to the Co

The 30 Best Free PC Games of 2019 2019-01-09 10:49:00There are loads of free PC games out there, but many of them aren't worth your time. These will have you hooked for hours. The post The 30 Best Free

Alienware’s Area 51m Gaming Laptop Comes With Upgradeable 2019-01-09 07:30:44Alienware has unveiled a truly monstrous laptop, capable of using desktop CPU and GPU components. The post Alienware’s Area 51m Gaming Laptop C

Intel at CES 2019: Ice Lake, 10nm Parts, 2019-01-08 08:43:59Intel's CES keynote covered a vast array of topics, including upcoming CPUs, SoCs, and new AI and 5G products. The post Intel at CES 2019: Ice Lake,

Nvidia Launches RTX 2060 at High $349 Price 2019-01-08 07:30:03Nvidia's new RTX 2060 debuts today at a substantially higher price point, better performance compared with the GTX 1060, and a complicated value prop

Nvidia Admits Defeat, Will Support G-Sync on FreeSync 2019-01-07 15:14:15Nvidia will support VESA Adaptive Sync with a driver update, unlocking FreeSync capability on GeForce GPUs. The post Nvidia Admits Defeat, Will Suppo

The 10 Most Technically Impressive Games of 2018 2019-01-02 08:23:05As the new year begins to sink in, let's pump the brakes, and highlight a few standout games from 2018. We were pleasantly surprised to have yet anot

Nvidia RTX 2060 Price, Performance, Design Details Leak 2019-01-02 07:30:05Details on Nvidia's RTX 2060 have leaked, including rumored performance and pricing. The post Nvidia RTX 2060 Price, Performance, Design Details Lea

Microsoft Isn’t Building a 4K, 240fps, $400 Xbox 2018-12-31 16:17:37Despite rumors to the contrary, Microsoft isn't launching a 240fps Xbox Next. Sony isn't, either. The post Microsoft Isn’t Building a 4K, 240